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An economica whire asbestos paper is extensively used for generla services in thermal powr plant, marine vessels, oil refineries, petrochmical plants, etc, However, the following proper use is su--bie to seal effectively.

Filler materals Applications
To seal strong acids
To seal in high vacuum of high
temperature conditon where perfect
airtightness isrequired. Or in the place
ehere it is wanted. to do without additonal
bolt tightenning even attached by severe
heat cycles.

4.5mm thick spiral wound is sidely used. Howeverm it somethimes fails to perform a perfect sealing in large diameter pipe flanges or equipements because of wave of bend of gasket seating face. It is recommendable to use thick gasket seating face. It is recommendagle to use thick gasket.
SBR is in a position to help in such a case by offering 6.4mm thick gaskets. Following table is a hint to decide how the gasket thickness should be.

Gasket thickness Flange diameter
~φ1,000mm piping flange
~φ 800mm machinery joints
~φ 1,001~φ 3,000 mm ping flange
~φ 801~φ 3,000 mm machinery joints


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