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SBR No.6590
(spiral wound of stainless steel strip when expended graphite tape)
SBR No.7590
(spiral wound of stainless steel with PTFE tape)

These gaskets are compressed of spiral windign olny,
without inner of outer metal centering device, and are highest quality seme-metalic gasket.
Round, dbround, sqqare, dimaond and perar shapes are available.


Standard sizes are perpared for both JIS and ANSI pipe flanges, Furnish rough sketh, blueprint or accurate template of cover assembly with necessary dimensions and width of availcble seating surface when ordering gaskets of shapes other than round. Customers are requested to do specify pressure service rating and operating temperature in all cases for correct fabrication.


Tey are extendsively used at precessing lines of oil refining and pertrochemical plants, at va;ve bonnets, manhole coverassemblies, boilers, etc, handing high temperature and pressure steam, heating medium, chemicals, etc. SBR No. 5590 satisfies most of all gasket trquirements, however, use SBR No.6590 to seal high vacuum and highest temperaturefluids and SBR No. 7590 to seal hgihly corrosive fluids.
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