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SBR No.6591
(spiral wound of stainless steel strip when expended graphite tape)
SBR No.7591
(spiral wound of stainless steel with PTFE tape)

These attached outer ring is designed to serve as a centering aid for installtin, controlling compression of the spirla wound sealing element, which contacts the indside of bolts. It also offers additional strength to the sprial wound to prevent possibilty of gasket blowout.


Standard sizes are prepared for JIS, API, ANSI, API, BS, MSS, TAYLOR FORGE and LADISH pipe flanges.


These types are the most sidely used to seal flat and raised face pipe flanges, joints of pressure vesseals. They are designed to withstand a highpressure, a high tempreature and a low tempreature service, SBR no. 8591 is an odrdinary type being extensively used in a genral porcessing and utillity line of oil refindign pertrochemical and other plants.

Use SBR No. 6591 for a high vacuum conditon, server working conditons where perfect aritighness is required. It is also better suited for a line receiveing hard heat cycles. SBR No. 7591 is prepared for the liens handing chemical and the fluids which must be ketp free form contramination.
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