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SBR No.6592
(spiral wound of stainless steel strip when expended graphite tape)
SBR No.7592
(spiral wound of stainless steel with PTFE tape)

The gaskets are used on male-and=female flanges or joints. The inner ring incorporated serves to stengthen a spiral wond sealing element and well fills up the crevice between flanges to minimize build-up of process material and ecosior of flange.


Standard sizes are prepard for JIS and ANSI pipe flanges.
Customer are kindly required to specify pressure rating of the pipe flangs. The specification is alwayss taken into account when dseigning and fabricating the gaskets.


They are mainly used on male-and-female flanges, vlve bonnets, covers of various pressure vessels.
SBR No.8592 provides and enough preformance in ordinay service. However, SBR 6592 is more recommendatble for the oprating conditons where high sealablity arnd perfect artightness are required at a high tmeperature . SBR No. 7592 is well suited for the line handling highly corrosive fluid.
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