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SBR No.6596
(spiral wound of stainless steel strip when expended graphite tape)
SBR No.7596
(spiral wound of stainless steel with PTFE tape)

They use of outer and inner rings provides the advantages in addtion ot the characheriestcs of 8596,6596, and 7596 gaskets that it minimizes bulid-up process material between a spiral wound sealing element and flange bore, reduces furbulence in process fluid flow, minimizes erosin and corrosion of flange faces, shields a spiral wound sealing element from excessive heatm restricts lateral flow of a spiral wound saling element inward the flange bore and offers additonal compression stop.
They are the most reliable gaskets in coincident high temperature and pressure services.


Standard sizes are prepared for JIS, API, ANSI, API, BS, MSS, TAYLOR FORGE and LADISH pipe flanges.


They are extensively employed to seal in steam and other prexess lines subject to coincident high temperature and pressure. Mostly used on flat and rased face flanges. JWE No. 8596 is the most populary used in general processing lines, 6596 in a high vacuum condition and lines subject to hard heat cycles and perfect airthightness is required at a high temperature, an 7596 in highly corrosive servies.
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