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Type Cross Section Applications
SBR NO 1593-A
Full face type

Type SBR No 1593-A gaskets are designed for full protection of flanges and have the same outside diameter as the flanges. Gaskets with slightly larger outside diameters are availabe upon request. Each Type SBR No 1593-a Gaket features precisely located bolt holes for easey instalilation, Material choice is plainfaced phenolic, neoprenefaced phenolic or JMBR-81. All gaskets are 1/8" thick

SBR NO 1593-B
Raised face type

The SBR No 1593-A gaskets are designed to Fit the raised-face portion of flanges. The outside diameter of the gasket is slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the bolt hole circle.
The outside diameter is designed for alignment by the insulation sleeves.
Material choice is plain-faced phenolic. Neoprene faced phenolic or JMRD-81.
faced phenolic or JMRD-81.
Type SBR No 1593-B gaskets are also 1/8" thick

SBR NO 1593-C
For RTJ Flanges type
(Basic oval or Octagonal)

Type SBR No 1593-C gaskets are made for the ring groove of ring-type-joint flanges.
Material is medium-weave, fabric-reinforced phenolic, manu factured to ANSI gasket dimension.
It is available in the basic oval shape or octagonal shape.
Integral sleeves and washer componets are nor recommended for sue with Type SBR No 1593-C gaskets

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